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pre-pay for mowing, core aeration and fertilizer-weed control by april 1st!

Lawn Care Applications & Services

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Our fertilizer/weed control program is formulated for Iowa’s local weather conditions. A complete program includes 4 applications of quality granulated fertilizers combined with 2 spray applications of post-emergent herbicides. Our licensed applicators only use herbicides as needed. So, applicators will only be spot spraying weeds rather than spraying entire lawn.

Fertilizer-Weed Control


  • April-May: Granular fertilizer with pre-emergent

  • May-June: Granular fertilizer and a post-emergent spray.

    • with optional Grub Control**.​

  • Mid-August to September: Granular fertilizer.

  • October-November: Granular fertilizer and a broad-leaf weed spray.

Approximate Schedule 

Grub Control

​**Grubs (larval stage of different kinds of beetles) feed on your lawn's root system. Dead, brown turf that can be easily rolled back may be a sign of infestation

  • Granular Acelepryn Turf Insecticide can be applied with or without granular fertilizer from late May to early June.

  • Acelpryn controls a broad range of turf pests (i.e. African black beetle, Argentinian Scarab, Pillbugs, Cutworm, Army worm and Webworm)

  • Has low environmental impact on NON target organisms (birds, fish, mammals & honeybees)

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