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The earlier the better! no matter what time of year, we'll sign you up and make sure to get to you when the time is right!

Seasonal & Other Services


In the spring we prune dead branches as well as raking and loosening mulch to encourage new growth. In the fall we clip perennials, collect dead leaves and recycle them responsibly to get ready for the next year. Contact us for a free estimate on spring or fall clean up.

Spring/Fall Clean-ups

Edging sidewalks, driveways, and hard-edged landscape beds is a great way to give instant curb appeal. It also is an important maintenance step in keeping grass from overgrowing in preparation for winter snow removal. Contact us today for a quote on sidewalk edging.

Sidewalk Edging

Our mulch is made on‐site from recycled Iowa trees. It’s uniform in texture and easy to spread. We sell and deliver mulch as well as offer services for installation. Contact us for a free estimate on our mulch product or mulching installation.

Mulch & Mulch Installation
Seeding & Sodding

Dan’s Custom Landscapes is very experienced in both seeding and sodding methods to create beautiful lawns. Spring and fall are the preferred times for both sodding and seeding. Sodding can be done throughout the season if irrigation is available. Whether you prefer seeding your site and growing from the ground up or laying down sod for an instant transformation, we have the tools to ensure you get gorgeous results. Contact us for a free estimate on Seeding or Sodding.

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