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Our Tree care supervisor holds a forestry degree from ISU, as well as the
below credentials:

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Membership is maintained in these organizations to ensure continued education!

From installation to removal,

let Dan's be there for your trees.

Tree Services


Pruning is an essential part of good “health care” for trees and other plants. Pruning discourages diseases, pest infestations and storm damage. It also enhances the appearance of your trees and promotes proper growing characteristics. Dan’s follows the ANSI and International Society of Arboriculture when pruning and maintaining your trees.

Pruning & Maintenance

Whether your tree is dead, diseased, unsightly or just incompatible with your landscape, it may need to be removed. When that time comes, Dan’s arborists can help. We are able to remove a tree safely with little wear and tear on your landscape. After removal, Dan’s can also remove the stump. We grind 8 –10” below grade. We can excavate the hole, fill it with our home made topsoil, and seed or sod depending on your wish.

Removal & Stump Grinding

Dan’s arborists have the education and experience to keep your trees safe, healthy, and looking great. We follow the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for both tree care and safety. Dan’s uses compact low-impact equipment to reach trees in hard to access areas. Backyard trees are no problem for our narrow access lift and climbers.

Shrub Hedging & Rejuvenation

Hedging should be done one or more times each year to ensure your plants are looking good. Some shrubs can only be pruned or hedged at certain times of the year. Overgrown shrubs can be rejuvenated by selectively removing large overgrown stalks over a period of 1‐3 years, letting smaller stalks and sprouts take over.

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Trees and shrubs must deal with turf and other urban problems that are not present in their normal environment. Competition for nutrients and water can lead to stress. Fertilization is done with a lance soil injection that goes beneath the turf root zone to feed your trees and shrubs.

Insect & Disease Control

Trees are vulnerable to a variety of insects and diseases. Without proper treatment and early detection, these problems can lead to premature death. While there are cultural practices that will help with insect and disease problems, chemical control is often faster and yields better results. Dan’s uses eco-friendly systemic trunk injections for control when possible to lessen the impact on surrounding environment.  

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